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General Assistance

Applicants may apply at the Jay Town Office on

In order to receive GA, people must follow program rules and meet the eligibility conditions. Without complete information about your income and expenses, the administrator cannot determine if you are eligible for assistance.

What to bring with you when you apply:

How to qualify:

To be granted GA, your household income must fall below the OVERALL MAXIMUM LEVEL OF ASSISTANCE for your household size.  Also, your income must be less than what you need to pay for the basic necessities of food, shelter, heating, electricity, and personal supplies.

SPEND YOUR MONEY ONLY ON BASIC NECESSITIES AND KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS. Remember, every time you re-apply, you will have to show that you are doing everything you have been asked to do to reduce your need for assistance.

If you have been working, but quit your job without a good reason or get fired from your job for misconduct, you are automatically disqualified for 120 days from the date of separation from employment.

If you need GA, make sure your request is for help with CURRENT BILLS.  GA does not usually pay for back bills.  If you receive a disconnect or eviction do not wait until the last day to apply for GA.  It is also your responsibility to check your own fuel supply before running out.  The administrator will not necessarily consider it an emergency beyond your control and individuals causing their own “emergency” may be found ineligible to receive GA.

When is Assistance Granted:
Within 24 hours after you apply for GA, the administrator will give you a written decision explaining if you are or are not to be granted assistance, and the reason why.  Any assistance granted will be in the form of a voucher payable to a specific vendor only.

You should be aware that if you receive GA, you are required to repay the municipality when you become financially able to do so.  If you have applied for SSI, the administrator will ask you to sign an agreement form that will result in the municipality being paid back for all the GA issued to you after you applied for SSI.  Refusal to sign the form denies your eligibility for GA.  The money to repay the Town is taken from your SSI retroactive benefit if you are approved for SSI.

Repeat applicants are expected to provide all receipts of money spent in the last 30 days. Also, any past recipient must have completed all the previously required steps of eligibility; benefits, assets, work/education…refer to prior eligibility notice.  

If you are denied benefits and disagree with the decision you have the right to request a Fair Hearing.  a person who was not involved in the decision will decide whether you are elidible for assistance.  If you would like a Fair Hearing, ou must request a hearing in writing within 5 working day of when you receive your notice of ineligibily.  You also have the right to contact the State Department of Human Services in Augusta at 1-800-442-6003 if you think the decision violates state law.

Resource List for
General Assistance Applicants

Food Cupboard
United Methodist Church
28 Church Street
Livermore Falls ME 04254
Tues 2-4 & 6-8
Wed & Thurs 2-4

American Red Cross

Pine Tree Legal Assistance
Augusta 622-4731
Lewiston 784-1558

Heap (fuel assistance)
Community Concepts Inc. 

Social Security Offices
Auburn 782-5157
Augusta 622-1451

Homeless Shelter
Hope Haven Gospel Mission
209 Lincoln Street
Lewiston ME

Section 8/Subsidized Housing
Community Concepts
Market Square
South Paris ME 04281

Dept of Human Services
Farmington Office


Western Maine Transportation

Unemployment Compensation

Central Maine Power
Payment arrangements/disconnects