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Code Enforcement

Ronda Palmer, Code Enforcement Officer
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Kent Mitchell, Plumbing Inspector
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Provided below is an outline of some of the regulations that the Town administers that might affect a project you are currently planning or that you may consider in the future.

Please click here to view individual ordinances.

The State has adopted a Building and Energy Code (MUBEC) that requires all buildings in Jay to be constructed in compliance with the Code. As of July 1, 2012, the Town is required to enforce the Code.

The Purpose of the E-911 Addressing Ordinance is to enhance the easy and rapid location of properties for the delivery of public safety and emergency services, postal delivery and business delivery. The Town assigns road names and numbers to all properties and communicates this information to the State of Maine and other service providers. For fire and rescue purposes, it is very important that you place your street number on your building/house. The height of each number in your address should be a minimum of 3 inches and should be illuminated or made of reflective material and located so as to be visible from the road. If your building/house is located more than 50 feet back from the road or otherwise not visible from the road, your street number should be placed at the beginning of your driveway on a post, fence, mailbox, etc.

This Ordinance is a comprehensive regulatory plan to protect and enhance the public health and environment of the Town and to prevent threats to health and the environment posed by the discharge of pollutants to air, water and land. It provides for environmental regulation at the local level to further the policies found in federal and state environmental laws and regulations. NOTE: Large portions of this Ordinance were suspended effective June 28, 2010. See 24 th Ordinance Amending the Jay Environmental Control and Improvement Ordinance.

The subdivision regulations are part of the Environmental Ordinance and are triggered by the creation of three (3) or more lots or dwelling units within a five (5) year period. If you are planning to divide a lot or building into three (3) or more lots or units, you should contact the Town for additional information. Also, if you own property that is located within a previously approved subdivision, you should be aware that any changes to lot lines within that subdivision require prior approval from the Jay Planning Board.

  • If a property is not located in a Subdivision and is on:
    • Town sewer: there is no minimum lot size.
    • Private septic system: minimum lot size is 20,000 square feet per State plumbing rules.
    • If the property is located in a Subdivision, it must comply with the Subdivision Ordinance.

The Town’s setback requirements are found in Chapter IV of the Town Way Ordinance and provide, in part, that structures shall be setback 25 feet from the center line of a roadway, or beyond the established right of way. Objects, other than structures that are placed within 25 feet of the centerline or within the right of way, are not the responsibility of the Town. See the Town Way Ordinance for specific requirements. Also note that additional setback requirements may be applicable to State highways. The Town does not have a setback requirement for side boundaries. Property deeds should always be reviewed for applicable requirements.

In 2010 the State of Maine adopted a Building and Energy Code. Based on State Law, all buildings in Jay must be constructed in compliance with the Code. As of July 1, 2012, the Town of Jay is required to enforce the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code (MUBEC). In June 2012 it was determined, by the citizens of the Town, that building permits would not be required and that inspections for compliance with the MUBEC will NOT be conducted by the Town. Therefore, it will be the property owner’s responsibility to contract with a licensed Third Party Inspector to conduct all necessary inspections required under the Code.

Before a Certificate of Occupancy may be issued for any new building, addition, renovation, etc. that is subject to compliance with the MUBEC, an inspection report must be submitted to the Code Officer verifying that compliance with the MUBEC has been achieved. The inspection report must be prepared by a State certified Third Party Inspector. A Certificate of Occupancy will only be issued if such a report is submitted verifying compliance. Your bank, mortgage company, insurance company, and/or realtors may require that you submit a Certificate of Occupancy.

A list of certified Third Party Inspectors is available through the State and can be viewed on the Bureau of Building Codes & Standards website. If you require further information or have any code-related questions, you may contact the Maine State Fire Marshal’s Office at (207) 626-3876.

Please note that permits are still required for buildings located within the Shoreland Zone and Floodplain.

The official Shoreland Zoning Map of the Town is located in the Town Office. The Map highlights regulated areas around the Androscoggin River, Seven Mile Stream, Parker Pond, and many streams and wetland areas. The Shoreland Zone is comprised of four different districts, having similar and unique requirements. If your property is located near a waterbody, whether a pond, river, brook, or wetland, you should contact the Town prior to beginning any development.

The Town’s Floodplain Ordinance regulates the flood areas around the Androscoggin River, Seven Mile Stream, and Parker Pond. Any work done in a floodplain area requires a permit from the Town. This includes filling and moving of earth, building, etc. Floodplain maps are available at the Town Office for determining whether or not your property is located within the flood zone.

State law requires utilities to obtain certification from municipalities prior to installing services unless specifically exempted. The certification provides that all local permits and/or approvals, if any, required under Subdivision and Shoreland Zoning requirements have been issued and are current. All utilities should require you to submit a Municipal Certification Form to them prior to obtaining their services. You will need to bring the Municipal Certification Form (obtained from the utility) along with a completed Utility Installation Form and a copy of your Deed to the Town Office. Note: The Form may not be approved upon presentation if further research is required.

MRSA Title 30-A § 3751-3760, the State of Maine Junkyard and Automobile Graveyard law, provides authority to municipalities to enforce the regulations contained therein. If you have 3 or more unregistered/uninspected vehicles or parts thereof on your property, you may be in violation of this law. Please contact the Town to discuss your options. Copies of the regulations are available upon request and online at

Plumbing permits are required from the Town of Jay’s Plumbing Inspector.

For more information or to obtain a permit, please contact Kent Mitchell at 778-1445.

For connections to the Town of Jay sewer system, please contact Mark Holt at 645-4246.

This outline is not meant to provide comprehensive guidance to the Town’s many regulations. We would encourage you to call the Town Office if you have any questions or if you need assistance determining if any of the Town’s regulations apply to your project.