Transfer Station

672 Main Street, Jay, Maine 04239

Phone: 207-897-5552

Transfer Station Hours:
Tuesday – Friday: 9 AM – 3 PM
Saturday: 8 AM – 4 PM

Transfer Station

Permit stickers are required and are available free to Jay residents upon presentation of their vehicle registration at the Transfer Station. Stickers will be placed on the lower passenger side windshield. If the sticker is not displayed on the windshield, the resident must show the sticker to the attendant upon entering the facility each time.

When arriving at the Transfer Station:

  • You must stop to see the attendant before unloading any materials.
  • Please separate your items into the proper categories before arriving.
  • For safety reasons, children must remain in vehicles at all times.
  • Shoes are required.
  • Please be patient and plan to conclude your business prior to closing time.

Curbside Collection

The Town of Jay provides curbside collection of trash and recyclables through Archie’s Inc. of Mexico, in accordance with the Town’s Ordinance. The Town contracts with Archie’s and provides this service through the annual town meeting budget. There is no additional fee to residents for this service.

Archie’s picks up curbside trash/recycling each week on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your location. (See attendant for route schedule.) They begin collection at 5 am. Trash/recyclables may be placed curbside, in proper containers, after 4 pm. on the day prior to pick up or the morning of collection. All containers and any material not picked up must be removed from the curbside by 7 am. the day following collection.

Single-sort recyclables are picked up on the curb only. Single-sort is not currently accepted at the Facility.

Trash and recyclable containers set out for pickup may not be more than 33 gallons or 50 pounds. Bulky waste, construction debris, and demolition debris will not be picked up curbside. It must be brought to the Transfer Station.

Residents using the curbside collection service are responsible for their trash and recyclables that may be strewn due to overweight, overstuffed bags, animals, or weather. All residents must ensure that curbside materials do not create a nuisance.

For any issues with curbside collection, please contact Archie’s at 1-800-364-2425.

Single- Sort Recycling

Single-sort recycling allows residents to place all recyclable materials into one container, separate from trash. Material must be put loose in container, not in a bag, with the exception of shredded paper.

The following items only are accepted for recycling at curbside only:

Look for this symbol on the bottom. Milk and water jugs, bleach, anti-freeze, and colored detergent bottles. Bottles and jugs only, no plastic tubs. Remove all caps and rings. Drain and rinse. Labels may be left on.
Do not include clear & glossy bottles (soft drink, cooking oil & peanut butter), plastic bags, butter & cool whip tubs, pails & toys.

Aluminum cans, pie plates, trays & clean aluminum foil. Tin cans & lids, coffee, soup, tuna, vegetable, fruit, pet food cans, etc. Please rinse.

Including all glossy supplements. Do not tie with string or wrap with tape.

Corrugated – look for the ‘ribs” between the layers. Also, brown paper grocery bags, cereal boxes, other food & paperboard boxes & gift boxes are accepted. Boxes should be clean, dry & flat. Do not include waxed cardboard – throw it in the trash.

Junk mail, letters, folders, white and colored paper and bags, cards, postcards, calendars, check envelopes, etc. Do not include food contaminated paper or paperboard products, foil or glitter paper products.


Preparation of Waste Materials

All residents using the facility are required to stop at the recycling building and speak with the attendant before unloading any material. All recyclable material, universal waste, batteries, used engine oil, electronic waste, anti-freeze, freon-containing devices, propane tanks, and tires must be left with the attendant at the recycling building.

The only material deposited beyond the recycling building will be trash, clean and pressure-treated wood, brush, inert material, ashes, and leaves.

Do not mix with any other liquids. Give to an attendant in a sealed container. Do not leave the container without seeing an attendant.

Asphalt shingles are accepted at the facility but need to be devoid of all contaminants such as flashing, roof wraps, wooden shingles, plastic packaging, and trim boards.

Tree limbs, brush, sticks – no longer than 8′, no diameters larger than 6″. No stumps, plantings with root balls accepted. Christmas trees are accepted seasonally but must be devoid of all decorations. Due to cost and space restraints, no brush will be accepted from Contractors and we do not accept this item from commercial properties.

We encourage you to compost your vegetable kitchen scraps and yard waste at home if space permits.

Leaf and yard waste is accepted as part of our composting program which helps us increase the recycling rate and reduce disposal costs as well as produces a soil amendment. No wood, rock, branches, or foreign objects.
No materials generated as a result of the complete demolition of a mobile home or structure larger than 400 sq ft will be accepted at the facility, including materials that may fit into the above-listed categories. Demo from smaller home remodeling/home repair work is acceptable. Demo must be sorted into various categories: metal, clean wood, pressure treated, etc. before the remainder is disposed of as solid waste whenever possible.
HHW can not be accepted at the Transfer Station. However, regional HHW collection days are scheduled throughout the summer at various other locations as well as at the HHW Depot at 424 River Rd in Lewiston.

For more information on dates and locations, see the attendant or click here.

Inert materials such as bricks, cement blocks, small rocks, asphalt, ceramics, and porcelain are accepted but must be placed in the designated area. Please see the attendant for guidance.

All plastic, metal, and rubber parts must be removed from any toilets, sinks, tubs, etc. that are brought in.

Other materials such as webbing from lawn chairs, wood tops from metal tables, etc. must be removed. Do not put propane tanks in the metal container – give them to the attendant.
Latex, water-based, enamel, oil-based, acrylic, and alkyd paints are accepted at the facility free of charge. A number of shellacs, stains, varnishes, and sealers are also accepted. Please see the attendant for a list of acceptable and non-acceptable paint products.

Apparel Impact has a collection bin at the Transfer Station for the drop-off of surplus clothing and shoes.

Includes mercury switches, rechargeable batteries, printers, computer monitors, televisions, game consoles, digital picture frames, ballasts, mercury thermostats, mercury fluorescent, and compact fluorescent bulbs from residents. Not accepted from commercial properties.

All lumber is to be broken down into individual boards with a maximum length of 8′. Lightly painted and/or with some nails accepted. Some furniture, wooden doors, and/or other wooden products are acceptable with the majority of metal, hinges, brackets, etc. removed. Standard wooden pallets are acceptable. No heavily painted material, no materials with known lead paint, no complete wall or deck sections accepted, and no materials accepted from the complete demolition of mobile homes or structures larger than 400 sq ft.

All pressure-treated wood is to be separated from clean wood waste and deposited in the assigned pressure-treated wood area. All lumber must be broken down into individual boards with a maximum length of 8′.

Fee Schedule

There are no fees for other materials accepted at the Transfer Station.

Tires Fee
Car & truck tires up to 19″ * $3 each
Truck tires 20″ and up * $13 each
* Add $3 per rim
Off Road Tires $ .15 per pound
Freon Containing Devices Fee
Refrigerators, Dehumidifiers,
Air Conditioners, Freezers,
Water Coolers etc.
$10 each
Doors Must Be Removed

Share Shack

There is a designated Share Shack area for Jay residents. All items must be clean and in good condition. The Town does not assume any liability for items taken. Items are not to be taken for resale. Items left at the Share Shack will be retained for 5 days at the discretion of the attendant, and then discarded.

Examples of Acceptable and Unacceptable are as follows:

Wooden furniture, housewares (such as dishes, silverware, pots, pans, glasses), small appliances, building materials (such as bundles of unused shingles, nuts, bolts, nails, tools), puzzles, books, magazines, movies, bicycles in good condition, sporting goods, toys in good condition (no loose or broken parts), etc.

Clothing, shoes, rugs, bedding, pillows, mattresses or box springs, upholstered furniture, outdated car seats or baby equipment, stuffed animals, computers, TVs, tires, freon-containing devices, propane grills/tanks, etc.